Meet Research Grant Recipient: Kartik Motwani

Kartik Motwani was born in New Delhi, India and raised in Forida, West Virginia and California. He is now back to Florida for medical school at the University of Florida. Motwani attended West Virginia University to study Chemistry as an undergraduate, then completed preclinical medical studies at the University of Florida prior to his current graduate studies as a 5th year MD-PhD candidate in the cerebrovascular research lab of UF Department of Neurosurgery Chair, Dr. Brian Hoh, MD.

Kartik became interested in brain aneurysm research because his medical school interests in immunology and vasculature were inspired by the work of his mentor Dr. Brian Hoh, who is dedicated to improving the care and treatment of patients with brain aneurysms.

Kartik Motwani is the recipient of the James T. Wintz, Jr. Chair of Research for $10,000. the Fight Like Frank Chair of Research for $5,000 and the Warrior Challenge Chair of Research for $15,000. The purpose of his project is to develop an improved treatment for cerebral aneurysms. Kartik and his fellow researchers aim to uncover the mechanisms of aneurysm treatment and finally bring discoveries that they find at the bench to clinical use. They hope their research findings will impact aneurysm treatment and recurrence, to achieve their shared goal of durable, successful aneurysm healing.

Good Luck to Kartik in his research!