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Misdiagnosis: Scan2Save


Misdiagnosis of brain aneurysms occur in up to one quarter of patients when initially seeking medical attention. Whether these patients are seen by a primary care physician, an ER professional, or a nurse at a walk-in clinic, they are often sent home without having had a scan.

These patients are often told:

“It is a migraine.”

“Take some pain reliever and call me in a week.”

“You have the flu.”

“It is just stress.”

“Have you been drinking or taking drugs?”


Unfortunately, the lack of a scan often leads to a rupture and requires emergency surgery – if the patient is fortunate enough to get to a hospital in sufficient time. Through the Scan2Save campaign we hope to educate the public as well as medical professionals.

Brain aneurysms are treatable!  Get a scan, your life is worth it!



Additional Facts & Stats Important to Know:

  • Misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis occur in up to one quarter of patients when initially seeking medical attention.
  • Ruptured brain aneurysms are fatal in about 50% of cases. Of those who survive, about 66% suffer some permanent neurological deficit.
  • Accurate early diagnosis of a ruptured brain aneurysm is critical, as the initial hemorrhage may be fatal or result in devastating neurologic outcomes.
  • There are almost 500,000 deaths worldwide each year caused by brain aneurysms, and half the victims are younger than 50.

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