Meet Research Grant Recipient: Devin McBride, PhD

Dr. Devin McBride received his PhD from the University of California Riverside under the mentorship of Dr. Victor G. J. Rodgers where his research focused on understanding the phenomena of crowded protein osmotic pressure and its applications to medical devices. 

Dr. McBride’s postdoctoral training in translation research related to cerebrovascular disease led him to become interested in secondary injuries following stroke. He transitioned into the field of brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage when he began his faculty appointment at UTHealth. Dr. McBride was intrigued by the secondary injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage and utilized his expertise to uncouple the mechanisms of delayed injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage, as well as to investigate novel treatments.

Dr. Devin McBride is the recipient of the Team Suze Chair Of Research for $50,000 and hopes that his research can identify treatment targets which can improve patient outcomes.