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  • April 19, 2023
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BAF Changemaker: Chloe Marotta

Chloe Marotta resides in Mequon, Wisconsin and is a 5th year Senior at Marquette University. Chloe is the starting small forward for Marquette Women’s Basketball. 1st Team All-Conference.

Working with the Winning Way Foundation, Chloe Marotta started her Rebounds for Research fundraiser in February of 2023 with a $500 goal. In just two short months, after donations continued to pour in, Chloe raised over $26K for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. The funds raised will be used to establish the first Marc J. Marotta Chair of Research, which will be awarded at the BAF 2023 Research Grant Symposium in September.

BAF: Tell us a little about your connection with brain aneurysms.

CM: My family and I were impacted largely when my father died from a brain aneurysm at 52. Unfortunately, we did not know much about brain aneurysms or the symptoms that come with them. My father was in pain for a few days and was not treated correctly before the aneurysm took his life. A few years later, my grandfather experienced similar symptoms as my dad and was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors saved his life. I believe that spreading awareness about the symptoms/causes of brain aneurysms will continue to save more lives.

BAF: When did you first engage with the BAF?

CM: I worked with Winning Way Foundation to create a campaign called “Rebounds for Research,” where I would utilize my strength on the basketball court to raise money for a charity of my choice. With my father’s passing, I wanted to connect with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and help in any way I could. I researched the foundation and realized it was a perfect fit because I was confident the money would be directed toward research.

“For me, rebounding is all about heart and toughness. I bonded over rebounding with my father from a very young age. He instilled the importance of rebounding in my head and told me how important it was to win a game.”

BAF: Why is it important for you to be an advocate and fundraise for the BAF community?

CM: As I mentioned, my grandfather would have lost his life to a brain aneurysm without knowing the symptoms. Therefore, I feel that it is so important to fund the BAF for more research that can be shared with people worldwide. This research and information can impact many people’s life. The research will not only save lives but save families from distress and heartbreak.

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