About Brain Aneurysms

Welcome to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation Website

There are many different reasons to be visiting our site:understanding-img

  • You are experiencing symptoms which could potentially be related to a brain aneurysm and you are seeking more information.
  • You have been recently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and are now facing treatment. You are frightened, and want to understand your condition.
  • You are a concerned family member who wants to support a relative who has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. You seek answers and support.
  • You suffered a sudden hemorrhage from a brain aneurysm, underwent treatment, and are going through the recovery process. Healing involves understanding your illness and finding support from others.
  • A loved one passed away from a ruptured brain aneurysm, and you want more information about this illness. You need support from other people in your situation.

Whatever the reason for your visit, we WELCOME you!

We hope this information provides you with a basic understanding of brain aneurysms and treatment options, as well as offers you a sense of community for all brain aneurysm patients, survivors, their families, and the medical community.