Meet Jaime Suarez

Where are you from, and what is your triathlon experience?
I was born in Colombia but enjoyed living in Brazil, Venezuela, California, Mexico and now in Texas. I’m fairly new to triathlons but not to competitive swimming nor endurance races.

Tell us…Why TeamCindy? What does the Brain Aneurysm Foundation cause mean to you?
Cindy’s story is close to me as a non professional runner, triathlete, active person. We don’t have a professional staff monitoring our health at every check point we are in this activity to have fun, push ourselves and grow personally. We are all at risk and we don’t know what to even look for or be concerned with; that’s why I’m with TeamCindy to bring awareness and help fund the efforts of the foundation.

What are you most excited about, and most nervous about for the 2019 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon?
Nothing about this race is ordinary, the distances are a bit of the traditional, the bike and run are very hilly but nothing is more exciting to me than the swim. Thinking about all the wild life, the boat traffic in the area and the history surrounding Alcatraz are exciting above all.

A fun fact about me is…
After living in Los Angeles for 6 years and going to the beach diligently to learn to surf I didn’t learn to surf but I was surrounded by 3’ to 4’ sharks the water was so clear all I could think about was “I wish I had my GoPro with me”. I believe no animal will hurt you as long as you don’t give them a reason. And sure enough I have a great memory from my failed surfing attempts. Additionally, my family and I are Colombian by birth but I was raised in Venezuela since finishing college I’ve lived in Southern California, Mexico and now Texas. It has been a fantastic experience and transition to start training for endurance events, I can’t remember the last day I didn’t train in the morning or feel bad for not doing it ;-) I’m excited to say this is my first major triathlon, it is the one I transitioned to triathlons from marathons for. I’ve always enjoyed swimming and nature as a whole and after completing the Abbott world marathons which are all in an urban setting, I’m excited to jump in the water and swim with sharks, seals, etc. Can’t wait to be there and enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie of this event. Go Team Cindy!

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