Meet Erika Honerkamp

Where are you from, and what is your triathlon experience?
I grew up in MI and spent 12 yrs in Chicago before moving to San Francisco five years ago. I did several Sprint triathlons in Chicago and joined the Golden Gate Triathlon Club in SF. Several Olympic distance races later and I’m hooked!

Tell us…Why TeamCindy? What does the Brain Aneurysm Foundation cause mean to you?
I was really moved to hear Cindy’s story and would love to help drive awareness of the warning signs and help raise money for such a worthy cause!

What are you most excited about, and most nervous about for the 2019 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon?
I’m both terrified and excited for the swim which is easily my most challenging leg of this sport. I will be anxiously waiting for race day when I take the plunge off the boat into the Bay!

A fun fact about me is…
I was once offered 10,000 camels for my hand in marriage by a Moroccan Berber. Spoiler Alert: I declined his offer!

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