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Get Involved : Volunteer

How can you help? Find out what fundraising events are scheduled for the upcoming year in your area and how can you get involved. If there is a walk in your area, become a walker. If there is no walk, start a walk.

Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk Participants Honor Jessica Nolan
Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk Participants Honor Jessica Nolan

Become a brain aneurysm activist. Increase brain aneurysm awareness in your community. Distribute our awareness materials in your community and our PSA to your local media outlets. Urge your Congressional and state representatives to support brain aneurysm awareness and research funding through legislative actions.. Help to prevent others from suffering from the effects of brain aneurysm ruptures on an individual, a family, and a community.

Help to educate medical professionals by distributing our educational DVD “Life or Death: Early Detection of Brain Aneurysms” to emergency responders, physicians and nurses in your community. Early detection can help save many lives.