Dr. Tatsat Patel is a Post-Doctoral research associate at the University at Buffalo’s Canon Stroke and Vascular Research Center in Buffalo, NY. During his PhD, Dr. Patel’s research has focused on developing radiographic and histopathological biomarkers for management of acute ischemic stroke and intracranial aneurysms. Along with his PhD advisor, Dr. Vincent Tutino, he has pioneered multiple ‘multi-omics’ research projects for determining primary and secondary stroke outcomes a priori, towards the goal of better healthcare management for stroke patients. After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Patel moved to the US from India, and has lived in Buffalo for 8 years now. He has since come to love everything about the Buffalo Bills.

Sricharan Veeturi (Sri) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY. He is currently working at the Canon Stroke and Vascular Research Center located in downtown Buffalo in the lab of Dr. Vincent Tutino. His research areas include but are not limited to Hemodynamics and imaging biomarkers for aneurysm risk stratification. Additionally, he is also involved in developing aneurysm models in rats for validation of imaging biomarkers. Sri lives in Buffalo NY and in his free time, he enjoys traveling, playing tennis and chess.