Wanda’s Story


Story by Lori Taylor – Wanda’s daughter

41 years ago, on February 16th, our mother, Wanda Lucas, had an aneurysm in the inferolateral left frontal lobe. She made a full recovery. On May 13, 2019, another aneurysm ruptured behind the clamp she had 41 years ago. Our mother was sent by med flight to a hospital and they did a CAT Scan and found the rupture. She was then sent by another med flight to Emory University and remained there for 17 days. Those 17 days were filled with lots of PRAYER, calls, tears, coffee, and sleepless nights. My sister and I would rotate with our dad to make sure our mother was never alone. We watched with amazement how she improved every day. Our mother is a fighter and the staff in the Neuro-ICU were amazed at how quickly she was recovering. After those 17 days, she was transferred to a rehabilitation center and was discharged after just 7 days. After she was home, we still rotated staying with her, not that she needed it, we did it mainly for our sanity.

On November 8, 2019, we took her back for her 6 months angiogram to check the Muslin wrapping they had to use during her surgery on the 13th of May. We found out after the angiogram that she had another aneurysm between the clamping from 41 years ago and the wrapping they did in May. We then scheduled a procedure for December 16th to insert a pipeline to help shrink the new aneurysm. She only had to stay 2 nights in ICU and then we took her home. She has had no complications since, and has made a full recovery! She is scheduled for (hopefully) her last angiogram on July 13, 2020.

We are so thankful and blessed to still have her! God worked through the doctors and many others to help all of us during this trying and healing time!