Guy’s Story

My name is Guy Riddick, I am 33 years old from Waterbury, CT. On May 19, 2019 everything changed for me and my family. I am a semi-pro football player for the Connecticut Falcons in the Tri-Borough football league. For my first play on defense, the running back came up the middle and our heads collided on impact. As I walked off the field, I told my coach I felt weird and fatigued. Next thing you know I’m fighting to stay conscious spitting up blood. My aneurysm ruptured (subarachnoid hemorrhage) in my frontal lobe due to the impact of the hit.

I was immediately rushed to Brookdale Hospital. Due to the size of the aneurysm and the amount of blood there was very little hope for recovery. They even contemplated on pulling the plug on me. Being optimistic, another doctor decided to fly me to NYU where I underwent surgery. Using the endovascular coiling method, the doctors used a catheter traveling from my groin to my brain in order to place the coils successfully. After being unconscious for about three days, I woke up with no recollection of what transpired and why I was plugged up from head to toe with IV’s. I stayed in the stroke unit for about two weeks struggling with physical therapy as well as exercising my senses. After a few days the doctors couldn’t believe how fast and strong I recovered, with no neurological deficits at that. I was released and went home shortly after.

Although I am still in recovery, I use my time to make people aware of this traumatizing and deadly ailment by not only sharing my story, but other stories as well as facts about this condition. I planned to donate my time by volunteering at after school programs, churches, hospitals. Not just to shed light on the condition, but to encourage other survivors to keep fighting and pushing through. Although, the odds were not in our favor we survived for a reason. You may be 1 out of 50 but you are never alone in your fight. I pray this gives others strength to continue the fight. Godspeed!