Bryan’s Story

Last January while getting ready for work, Bryan suffered from a ruptured aneurysm. At the time Bryan was by himself and did not survive. As far as we know he did not suffer from any known symptoms, so this was all completely sudden.

Bryan was an amazing person. He protected his family, he looked out for others and always put himself second. Growing up so close in age I always knew I had a mentor and someone to look up to and he never failed me once. He was active and loved playing softball in his down time. His talent was truly something to admire as I felt he was good at everything. Bryan loved fish tanks and his fish. He just wanted his piece of the pie, nothing more, nothing less.

I speak as loud as I can to show the importance to knowing the statistics and for families to get checked for possible brain aneurysms. This Saturday, September 21st I have the honor of speaking at the 11th Annual Long Island Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk. Our team is brolic for Bryan, as he always said he was the most brolic. He is missed every second of every day. We love you Bryan, we are your voice!

Bryan’s brother, Greg, wants Bryan’s story to be shared so that it will keep his name alive. He would love the world to see what a great person Bryan was inside and out.