Bob’s Story

My name is Bob Halloran. I used to be a sportscaster, finishing up at Channel 5 in Boston, where I spent 20 years and retired last May. Now I work part-time at a golf course, and I teach kids how to play. I was doing push-ups almost eight years ago, and I felt a little pop behind my eye. I thought maybe I popped a blood vessel or something like that. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see anything, and did not have the immediate headache or anything like you might have heard from others, but later that night I had what I would describe as a migraine and I had that for six days. Finally made a doctor’s appointment, and drove to Milton Hospital where the doctor was and I didn’t make it because I crashed the car having passed out from bleeding in the brain.

It just, it hurt my confidence, and that affects your overall job performance. I want to educate the public because that’s important if you’ve had, if you know of an aneurysm in your family, then maybe you need to know that it could be hereditary and things like that. But you really need to educate the doctors to be on the lookout for it and insurance companies to be more willing to pay for a CAT scan or something that’s going to read it for you. The research and the money and the dollars that we’re asking for to be committed are going to save lives and they’re going to help people heal more quickly, and have much more positive results. I feel like it’s an easy yes. It’s an easy ask and it should be an easy yes.