Meet Research Grant Recipient: Omid Amili, PhD

Omid Amili, PhD is an Assistant Professor in mechanical engineering at the University of Toledo and the director of the Laboratory for Fluid Mechanics. Dr. Amili received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tehran Polytechnic in 2003. Following completing his master’s degree and two years of work in the industry, he obtained his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in wall-bounded turbulence from Monash University, Melbourne, in late 2012. 

The initiation, growth, and rupture of an intracranial aneurysm is a complex multifaceted process. Such an inherently complex process makes the research in the field challenging and multi-disciplinary. This fascinated Dr. Amili and led him to work in this field when he was first introduced to the topic. 

Omid Amili is the recipient of the Nebraska’s Hope For a Better Tomorrow and the Falmouth Road Race Chairs of Research for $30,000. Dr. Amili expects that his research will make it possible to reliably quantify parameters such as wall shear stress and residence time that are integral to the development of hemodynamic biomarkers in the clinical management of brain aneurysms. This will lead to a more reliable quantification of biomarkers that are likely to be used in the clinic in the future.