Boiling point: aneurysms and high blood pressure in Black women

Three months ago, I was living the life of the typical superhuman single mom— you know, running at full speed, feeling guilty about working too much and not spending enough time with my two daughters, and worrying about their futures, finances, and making sure they had healthy-ish food. I was a fan of energy drinks and being awake more than I slept—averaging two to five hours of sleep a day and sometimes not sleeping for days to meet deadlines. I only went to the doctor when I wasn’t feeling well— and even then, only if herbs and home remedies couldn’t fix the issue. Being an entrepreneur in the great state of Alabama means having to pay through the nose for health care. I was, and still am, big on peace, keeping my head down, yoga, and meditation. My children and I rarely eat fast food. So, I was healthier than most.

Or at least I thought.

On a typical day, nothing special about it, I was in my room working when it happened.

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