Depression After a Brain Aneurysm or AVM: What Do I Need to Know?

Experiencing depression after treating a brain aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation (AVM) could happen to 1 in 5 patients. Unfortunately, it’s often under diagnosed, and survivors don’t know they should be seeking treatment for depression because they are dealing with so many other adjustments at the same time.

In this webinar, Dr. Stanley J. Berman (whom is a brain aneurysm survivor himself), explains what you need to know and how to get help if you experience depression after a brain aneurysm or AVM.


Please refer to the time codes below to navigate through the webinar or watch it on YouTube:

00:20 – Introduction: After a subarachnoid hemorrhage, depression can occur but it is often under diagnosed.

00:58 – Meet Dr. Stanley J. Berman, PhD: clinical psychologist and brain aneurysm survivor.

02:25 – Incidence: 1 in 5 may have mild to severe depression in response to coping with a brain aneurysm.

03:58 – Brain aneurysm survivors may not recognize depression because they are dealing with so many other adjustments.

04:23 – What do we know about depression?

05:22 – What are the symptoms of depression?

07:58 – What losses, lack of trust and/or fears do aneurysm and AVM patients experience?

12:21 – What are some of the pathways that depression will take?

12:54 – Adjustment disorder with depressed mood and major depressive disorder.

13:45 – What are the variables to consider when we think depression?

15:15 – Who is more at risk for depression?

16:17 – What are the influencing (moderating) variables for depression?

18:02 – How the individual understands their health can affect depression.

20:00 – Individual perceptions: How does the illness (brain aneurysm / AVM) affect your life?

21:03 – What are the phases of illness denial and acceptance?

23:06 – What are the obstacles that are in the way of getting mental help?

26:26 – What are the steps taken to care for depression and mental illness?

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