Husain Sodawalla is a bioengineer with research experience in building and testing medical devices in the neurovascular space. He is from Mumbai, India, and has lived in the US since 2015. Husain received his bachelor’s degree in biotechnology engineering from India, and his subsequent master’s – MS in Biomedical Science from Stony Brook University, and PhD in bioengineering from Northern Arizona University. Husain worked as a research technician at Norton Thoracic Institute (Phoenix, AZ) before joining the Bioengineering Devices Lab team at Northern Arizona University in the Fall of 2019 as a PhD student. Husain is engaged in an aneurysm modeling project that aims to create a commercially available predictable rupture model. This model could be useful to neurovascular surgeons, researchers, and device manufacturers to test the long-term efficacy of aneurysm treatments.