Meet Research Grant Recipient: Adam Khan

Adam Khan is a neurosurgery resident and an endovascular neuroradiology fellow at the University of Minnesota. He received his undergraduate and medical school training at the University of Michigan. His experience in the intensive care unit early in medical school spurred his interest in clinical brain aneurysm management and aneurysm research. Witnessing the devastating effects of cerebral aneurysm rupture on patients and their families drew Khan to the field. The opportunity to guide others through this unique disease and life event has pushed him to pursue further education, training, and research endeavors.

Adam Khan is the recipient of the TeamCindy Escape from Alcatraz Chair of Research for $30,000. The purpose of his project is to evaluate whether there is a link between the bacteria in our mouth and the potential for brain aneurysm rupture. Through his research findings he hopes to evaluate whether our microbiome would expose a new risk factor for what causes brain aneurysm growth. This could possibly help in both identification and prevention of cerebral aneurysm. The funding through the Brain Aneurysm Foundation essentially allows Khan the resources to perform the research.

This will be the first study evaluating oral bacteria in the setting of brain aneurysm growth and rupture obtaining specimens and processing them. Khan said this would not be possible without the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s support. He believes that an understanding of the heterogeneity of cerebral aneurysms is important. Aneurysms of different sizes, shapes, and associated risk factors have different propensities for rupture. The publications and resources on the web should allay and not promote anxiety in patients with incidentally discovered unruptured aneurysms.

Good luck to Adam in his research!