The Awareness Express

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Starting a new year is always exciting. New beginnings. New initiatives. New goals. I am truly excited for what 2016 will bring for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. This excitement extendsfrom a busy and productive end to 2015.

In January we will be completing three separate awareness projects. One is an early detection video for medical professionals from EMS providers, to nurses, to urgent care providers, and beyond to recognize the signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm and to bring a brain aneurysm into their differential diagnosis. With the help of Emmy Award winning producer Mitchell Stuart we have developed a provocative awareness PSA, as well as a video documentary honoring the life of Ellie Helton who lost her life at the age of 14 to a brain aneurysm rupture.

We have begun to develop new educational materials for children. We have four passionate people joining our Board of Directors. We have a new PR team. We have all of you. The work of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation requires all of us to work together to make strides so more lives can be saved. The greater the awareness of brain aneurysms, the greater the funding that will follow for research, and fewer lives that will be unnecessarily lost.

To quote the Conductor from the Polar Express, “The thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.” I ask all of you to make the decision to get on board the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s awareness train in 2016, and I can promise it will lead our crusade against brain aneurysms to where it needs to be. On this journey together we will further raise awareness of brain aneurysms with the ultimate goal of saving lives. All Aboard!

A happy 2016 to you and your loved ones.

Warm wishes-

Christine J. Buckley
Executive Director