Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Fairway, KS

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For Patients and their Families/Caregivers

Learn about: Brain Aneurysms, Treatment Options and Recovery

Presented By: The University of Kansas Neurosurgeons and Interventional Radiologists

Share: Your experience and knowledge with others

Optimize: Your physical and emotional health

Breakout Sessions: For Family Members and Caregivers

Time: 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:00-7:00pm

Clinical Research Center
1st Floor Auditorium
Fairway Office Park
4350 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Fairway, KS 22205

More Info: For more information please or to receive updates, please contact Nancy Sullivan MA, BSN, RN (913) 945-6436 or

2017 Meetings and Topics

January 10           Overview of the Brain and Aneurysm and Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)     Koji Ebersole, MD

February 14         Surgery for Brain Aneurysm or AVM, 3D Aneurysm Models     Roukoz Chamoun, MD

March 14             Group Support – Optimize Your Physical and Emotional Well-Being

April 11               Endovascular Treatment for Aneurysm and AVM, Post-Procedural Lab Work, Anti-Coagulation Therapy and Follow-Up Surveillance Methods (MRI, CT)                                      Alan Reeves, MD

May 9                  The Ruptured Brain Aneurysm or Subarachnoid Hemorrhage     Michael Abraham, MD

June 13               The Healing Brain:  Memory Assessment and Attention Skills     Caleb Pearson, PsyD

July 11                Devices for the Treatment of Aneurysms:  Clips, Coils and Pipeline     Koji Ebersole, MD

August 8              Diagnosing a Neurovascular Disorder, Brain Aneurysm or AVM:  MRI, CT, CTA, Arteriogram     Koji Ebersole, MD

September 12      Living with a Neurovascular Disorder while it is being Watched     Paul Camarata, MD

October 10          Psychosocial Aspects of Recovery:   Depression and Anxiety – symptoms and treatment options, resuming social roles, returning to work                                                        Noreen Thompson, RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist

November 14       Using Humor as a Healing/Coping Mechanism     Nancy Sullivan, RN, MA

December 12       Group Support – Optimize your Physical and Emotional Well-Being

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