Support Brain Aneurysm Research with Ellie’s Law

Categories: Advocacy
Please help support Ellie’s Law by contacting your Representatives

Search the list of House Members who have already cosponsored Ellie’s Law here

Step 1: If your representative appears on the list, write a short thank you note (in Step 3) “thanking them for their support”

Step 2: If your representative does not appear on the list, to find your Representative’s contact information click here

Step 3: Please open the template letter that may be downloaded and personalize it here

The letter contains all technical information on brain aneurysm research funding and Ellie’s Law. You can send the letter by post or e-mail, although for several reasons we encourage you to send the letter by e-mail. Many members have their email addresses listed on their official website. If it’s not listed, people may call the office receptionist to determine the appropriate contact.

Please call the office if you need any help or additional information at (781) 826-5556.