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A Lucky Man

by Bill Kelly

About 9 months ago, I was awakened by the most pounding headache of my life. I do not remember any of the details of the attack or the events that followed, except for what my family shared. When I awoke with the headache, I could not communicate with my wife or son. I began vomiting green fluid. They immediately called an ambulance and had me transported to the local Medical Center. The emergency staff did not run any tests or scans and released me with a diagnosis of spasms.

I am a 57 year old male, and do not run to the doctor except for emergencies. After being home for almost 24 hours with pain in my head getting worse, my wife took me back to emergency at the same medical center. This time, my wife insisted that the neurosurgeon doctor do a scan or something! To appease my family, they did an MRI of my neck because of past problems with my neck. Diagnosis, neck pain! Released and told to follow up with appointment with neurosurgery in a week if no better.

After being home another day progressively getting worse, my wife contacted The Neuroscience Group in Lancaster, PA. They said to bring me in immediately to the Lancaster Hospital Emergency Department. They did a CAT scan of my head which showed an aneurysm in my brain. I was immediately admitted to Intensive Care. An MRI and Angiogram showed that I had a leaking aneurysm of the right lobe. I had brain surgery, a craniotomy with a clip. After a week in the hospital I went home.

Soon after I was home, I became very sick. I came down with aseptic meningitis. Back in the hospital for another 5 days. Well, here it is almost 9 months later and I am still home recuperating. First of all, I am alive! Through the grace of God, I am here and I am a survivor! There are some minor things I am dealing with, but nothing major. I am hoping to get back to work soon. I could not have made it this far if it was not for my loving wife, four beautiful children, and 4 grandchildren. Their support, love and encouragement have opened my eyes even further to appreciate this beautiful gift of life. I hope I could help another patient or family member in a similar situation in the future.

I am a very lucky man!

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