Rehab“Choosing a rehabilitation facility, especially after a serious event, can be a stressful process. That’s why it’s so important to learn what resources are available and to have the courage to ask questions. Getting answers to key questions will help patients and caregivers find the best resource to achieve optimal outcomes for recovery and to cope with their new situation,” according to a brain aneurysm survivor who received rehabilitation therapy at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands. Choosing the right rehabilitation facility can make a difference in how fully – and how quickly – the patient is able to resume his or her activities. It is highly recommend that you tour each facility you are considering. Talking with the admissions director and other staff will give you a better sense of the environment of care – and it will allow you to ask about specific areas of expertise. The facility’s website often provides extensive information about programs, services, physicians and other specialized resources as well. In a time of stress, it will be much easier for the primary caretaker to find an appropriate facility as close to the caretaker’s home as possible to minimize drive time as much as possible.

How to Choose a Rehabilitation Facility: 20 Questions to Ask

The following questions can help you compare the services offered by different rehabilitation facilities.

Accreditations, Quality

  1. Is the facility affiliated with any major hospitals?
  2. Is the facility accredited?
  3. Does the facility have a formal way to monitor quality of care?
  4. Is the facility clean and well maintained?

Specialized Programs

  1. Does the facility specialize in rehabilitation care?
  2. Does the facility offer specialized programs?
  3. Does the facility have the specialized resources to enhance its medical, nursing and rehabilitation care?

Physicians and Nurses

  1. Does the facility have a medical staff that is trained in rehabilitation?
  2. Does the facility have a physician present at all times?
  3. Are the nurses qualified to care for patients who need rehabilitation?
  4. Are there enough nurses to provide high quality care to every patient?

Therapy Services

  1. Does the facility offer specialized therapies?
  2. Does the facility also offer outpatient physician and therapy services?
  3. How much therapy do patients receive?

Team Approach to Care

  1. Does the staff work as a team?
  2. Are other specialists available if needed?
  3. How is the treatment plan developed?
  4. Who plans for the patient’s discharge and handles insurance questions?
  5. What happens if the family needs instruction about how to care for the patient after discharge?
  6. How would you describe the staff?