Common Questions

Recovery Questions Answered, For Both The Patient and The Caregiver:
Articles by Robert Kooken, Ph.D.

The recovery process from a brain aneurysm can be long. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years to understand the consequences for the patient. There are many questions after a brain aneurysm occurs about how quickly will the survivor recover and what will the recovery process be like. Many survivors wonder when they will feel like their old selves, wondering when their energy level will return. Mood changes are common, anger and depression over losing the life one had before are frequent reactions to this life-altering event. Coping with memory loss and other disabilities is difficult for survivors. Below are a series of articles by Dr. Robert Kooken answering some of these questions.

How Long Until I Get Better?

Why am I so Tired?

How Do I Deal With Depression?

Learning Principles to Aid Recovery

The Memory Book