A Patient Resource Directory for Individuals and Families Affected by Brain Aneurysms

Anyone who has survived a brain aneurysm rupture, or has a family member or friend affected by a brain aneurysm, knows how physically, emotionally, and financially devastating it can be. We constantly get requests for financial help, and although there is not a simple solution, there are many programs that may help you. This directory of resources is intended to help you get started on finding the path to resources available to you. The good news is there is help out there. However, getting the help is highly bureaucratic and time consuming. If you can, enlist a friend or family member to advocate for you.

Keep in mind that your physician can be your most important ally. Finding a physician or other healthcare professional who can document your condition and your treatment is the key to success in getting any kind of help. Don’t be afraid to seek help from the hospital social worker, your case manager, or other resources within your community.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation is happy to provide you with the following information and resources but does not specifically endorse the organizations listed.