Jeffrey Harvey Joins Board

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We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey B. Harvey of Buffalo, New York, has joined the Brain Aneurysm Foundation Board of Directors.

Mr. Harvey is the CFO of Tonus Therapeutics, a biotech company in Williamsville, New York whose goal is the development of drugs that are active for diseases that involve biomechanics. The primary target is muscular dystrophy, the most common fatal genetic disease among boys.

Tonus Therapeutics is based on the work of Frederick Sachs, PhD, and his collaborators at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, Thomas Suchyna, PhD, and Philip Gottlieb, PhD. The company was founded in 2009 by Mr. Harvey and Drs. Sachs, Suchyna, and Gottlieb. Mr. Harvey also helped start Neurovascular Diagnostics, a small company that is working on a blood test to detect brain aneurysms.

Mr. Harvey’s wife, Carol, died 15 years ago of complications following treatment for a brain aneurysm. In the years since her death, Mr. Harvey helped establish Buffalo’s first brain aneurysm support group with guidance from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. “It’s important for patients and family members to have a place to learn and share their experiences,” said Mr. Harvey.

Mr. Harvey joined the foundation’s board to help further its mission of raising awareness of brain aneurysms, educating the public and healthcare professionals about the disease, and supporting research of brain aneurysm prevention, detection, and treatment.

“There have been many improvements in treatment since my wife died, but far too many people still die or have lifelong disabilities from brain aneurysms,” said Mr. Harvey. “Through the Brain Aneurysm Foundation we are working to make further progress so that fewer people have to suffer.”