Set Up Your Own Fundraising Page and Join The BrainPOWER Team


Powering The Fight Against Brain Aneurysms To Save Lives!

You can make your own personal fundraising page in memory or in honor of a loved one to raise money to support the mission of The Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

BrainPOWER Team members use the power of giving to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by brain aneurysms. No matter how you choose to get involved, as a BrainPOWER Team member, you’ll be empowering the vital work of The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and helping to bring more education and awareness, support and research focused on reducing the incidence of brain aneurysm ruptures. Once you have set up your own fundraising page, send the link to your family and friends and ask them to support your fundraising efforts.

Being part of the BrainPOWER Team makes fundraising easy and fun and there are unlimited opportunities to make a real difference. As part of the team, you can turn your next marathon, golf tournament, walk, or other event into an opportunity to support the work of The Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

CLICK HERE to start or find a BrainPower Fundraising Page

BrainPOWER members all over are planning fundraising events or participating in athletic events in support of brain aneurysm awareness and research. No matter what you choose to do, and it may be as simple as asking your friends and family to support you in your fundraising efforts, we’re available to help and support you.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

For any questions or assistance in starting a fundraising activity, please contact

Cory and Danielle Will and family

brainstrong-familyThe BrainPOWER Team was founded in 2010 by Cory Will of Bristow, VA after his wife, Danielle Will, suffered a  ruptured brain aneurysm in February of 2010. After a traumatic life saving surgery and several weeks in intensive care, she pulled through and is recovering well. She still has to undergo another surgery for an unsecured aneurysm on the other side of her brain. Her family is grateful that she is one of the lucky ones. She survived and is surrounded by people that love and support her. During her three week stay in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit following her surgery, her family and friends scrambled to understand what was going on and to gain some support in dealing with everything that had happened. The vast majority of the answers and support they received came from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Cory decided to found the BrainPOWER Team (orginally named BrainSTRONG) after all of the help and assistance his family received from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation to raise money for brain aneurysm research and awareness. Thank you for making a difference with your support.