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Local startup working on blood test to detect brain aneurysms by Mike Desmond ~

An aneurysm is essentially a bubble on a blood vessel. If it ruptures, about 40 percent of those people die. A local startup corporation is working on a simple blood test to detect these health threats in the brain.

Jeff Harvey, Brain Aneurysm Foundation Board member, takes medical problems personally, both with a grandson with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and a wife who died from an aneurysm.

For muscular dystrophy, he helped finance a drug that for treating those with the disease. The drug is about to start human testing.

After his wife died 18 years ago, he started giving to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Then he got together with University at Buffalo researchers, led by Hui Meng, who were working on aneurysms. Together they set up Neurovascular Diagnostics.

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