Adam Dmytriw Awarded Grant

Categories: Research

For rare aneurysms, the medical community often has a more difficult time generating strong evidence for the optimal treatment. One year ago, I started working with Research Fellow Dr. Nimer Adeeb and Clinical Fellow Dr. Christoph Griessenauer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. We realized that in order to analyze enough of these patients, we would need the insight of many centers of excellence.

As the initiative grew, some of the best-known centres from Canada, USA, France and Italy produced the largest studies in flow diversion in the posterior circulation. One of the resultant scientific papers received a research award at Congress of Neurological Surgeons this past week, providing new therapeutic evidence for patients with these challenging aneurysms.

Thanks to a Brain Aneurysm Foundation Grant, we are forging ahead with new and exciting collaborations under the visionary leadership of Drs. Vitor Pereira and Timo Krings at Toronto Western Hospital and Drs. Ajith Thomas and Christopher Ogilvy at Beth Israel. Spanning five countries and at least seven hospitals, I feel very fortunate to be involved in the quest for high-quality research for patients across the world.

Adam A. Dmytriw, MD, MSc – University of Toronto was awarded three chair of research grants including the Andrew David Heitman Foundation ($10,000), Ellie Helton ($5,000) and the 1in50 Chair of Research ($5,000) totaling $20,000 for International Comparison of Endovascular Flow Diverters for the Treatment of Anterior Circulation Aneurysms.