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Support Groups

The first Brain Aneurysm Support Group was started by Deidre Buckley, RN, NP Clinical Coordinator for the Brain Aneurysm/AVM Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1992. The group continues to meet monthly and provides patients and survivors with educational tools and emotional support needed to cope with this condition. The goal of support group meetings is to help alleviate fears and concerns through education and group discussions. Discussion topics include origin of brain aneurysms, treatment and prognosis, recovery and coping with the "new" you.

There are many additional Brain Aneurysm Support Groups around the country, and in Canada, and we constantly strive to establish more groups to reach more people. If you have an interest in organizing a support group in your area, we will work with and assist you in that effort and post meeting schedules and details in this section of our website. Please click here to learn more about starting a support group in your area.

Please contact for additional information, or if you would be interested in becoming volunteer or a support group coordinator.

Brain Aneurysm Support Groups

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