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Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Inc.

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What is the Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Inc.?
The Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Inc., which was started in 2002, is a non-profit organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It covers the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. People from West Virginia and Missouri also often attend their meetings. The mission of this group is to provide information, education, encouragement and understanding to survivors and caregivers during the ongoing recovery process.

How does this group accomplish it’s mission?
By providing regularly scheduled meetings for both survivors and caregivers of those who have experienced SAH or brain aneurysms this group accomplishes its mission. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month excluding January and July. The support group meetings provide an opportunity for reassurance and personal exchange but also information and education on a variety of topics of interest and many suggested by the attendees. In addition there are 2 social events per year: a winter social and a summer picnic for members, family, and friends.


234 Goodman Avenue, Room 1346
Cincinnati, OH 45269

Directions: I-75 take Hopple St. exit, turn left and proceed up hill to Martin Luther King (MLK) Dr. Turn left from MLK onto Highland Ave. I-71 (coming south) take Wm Howard Taft exit and turn right onto Highland Ave. I-71 (coming north) take Reading Rd exit to Martin Luther King Dr. and turn right onto Highland Ave. Parking: Goodman Garage is off Highland Ave.- use visitor parking. The entrance to University Hospital is on the west side of the garage on the 2nd level. (Please call (513) 584-1099 for more detailed hospital directions). To Room 1346: As you stand facing the cafeteria on the first floor, turn around to your left and go to the restrooms opposite the cafeteria. keep left and go down the long hall. Take the first right and proceed to the end of the hall. Room 1346 is straight ahead!

Parking passes will be given to you.

Questions? Please call (513) 475-8636 the Support Group Info Line. Leave a message and you will be called back! Bad Weather: In case of bad weather, the support group meeting will be cancelled. Call (513) 475-8636 the Support Group Info Line for an update.

The Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. Donations may be sent to: Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group, Mayfield Clinic, 222 Piedmont Ave., Ste 3100, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

Location for all Meetings: The University Hospital

We will have our usual updates, and then will split off into two groups, one for caregivers and one for survivors.  You are welcome to share any questions or topics that you would like to discuss with the group, or just listen and learn from others’ experiences. Refreshments will be served.  You are welcome to bring guests and anyone who might be interested in joining our group. Come early and socialize with others!

2015 Meeting Dates - First Wednesday of Every Month - 6:30PM - 8:00PM

May 6 

June 3 

July 19 - Annual Picnic 

August - 5  Different Location  
                   4445 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 200
                   Blue Ash, OH  45242
Webinar - Unruptured Aneurysms:  What the Patient Needs to Know 

September 2   

October 7 

November 4

December 2

QUESTIONS? Please call the Support Group Info Line at 513-569-5346. Leave a message and you will be called back! 



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